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SKU: 161686
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Description :

Low Cost

  • The perception of a granite tabletop is that is expensive. The cost of granite is similar to that of solid oak or wood edge laminate tabletop. Call today and get a quote that will surprise you

Durable, Light Weight

  • Granite stays clean and easily disinfected with a few swipes of cleaner in a damp cloth and the table is ready for the next customer. And at the end of the day when the floor needs to be swept, the table is designed to be light-weight so they can be moved


  • 24" x 30" 24" round
    30" x 30" 30" round
    30" x 42" 36" round
    30" x 48" 48" round
    30" x 60" 54" round
    30" x 72"  
    36" x 36"  

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