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Outdoor Grilles WS900D

Outdoor Grilles WS900D

SKU: 18579
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Description :

Available in stamped-aluminum, extruded aluminum, or in a one piece molded versions for use with a WS900D wall sleeve.


Standard stamped aluminum grille.Available with mill finish or a baked-on paint in Stonewood Beige.

  • B (Mill Finish)
  • TB (Stonewood Beige) 


Extruded aluminum architectural grille. Available with anodized aluminum finish and a baked-on paint finish for durability. Choose from 3 stock colors or a custom color:

  • CB (Clear Anodized)
  • DB (Dark Brown/Bronze)
  • TB (Stonewood Beige)
  • WB (White)
  • SB (Special/Custom Colors)


One-piece injection molded grille using a polymer blend of engineered thermoplastic high-impact strength material with chemical resistance and an exterior UV protective coating. Choose from 3 stock colors: 

  • DB (Dark Brown/Bronze)
  • TB (Stonewood Beige)
  • WB (White)

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