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Golden suite T-250 Percale

Golden suite T-250 Percale

SKU: 18638
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Description :

60/40 Cotton/Poly Blend
12 Inch Deep Pocket Fitted
Cotton-Rich Feel
Available in 1 Inch Elegant Stripe and Pinstripe Design

Stock Sizes Avail T-180 T-200 T-250
Std. Case 42x34 X O O
Std. Case 42x36 O X X
Queen Case 42x40 X X O
King Case 42x46 X X X
Flat Twin 66x104 X O O
Flat Twin XL 66x108 X X O
Flat Twin XL 66x115 O O X
Flat Full 81x104 X O O
Flat Full XL 81x108 X X O
Full XL 81x115 X X O
Full XL 84x115 O X X
Flat Queen 90x110 X X O
Flat Queen XL 90x115 X X X
Queen 92x115 O X O
Queen 96x115 O O X
Flat King 108x110 X X O
King XL 108x115 X X O
King XL 110x115 O O X
Fit Twin 39x75x10 X O O
Fit Twin 39x75x12 O X X
Fit Twin XL 39x80x10 X O O
Fit Twin XL 39x80x12 O X X
Fit Full 54x75x10 X O O
Fit Full 54x75x12 O X X
Fit Full XL 54x80x10 X O O
Fit Full XL 54x80x12 O X X
Fit Queen 60x80x10 X O O
Fit Queen 60x80x12 O X X
Fit Cal King 72x84x10 X O O
Fit Cal King 72x84x12 O X X
Fit Dual King 78x80x10 X O O
Fit Dual King 78x80x12 O X X


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