GE Zoneline 12000 BTU Heat Pump w/Digital Controls AZ39H12DAB 3900

GE Zoneline 12000 BTU Heat Pump w/Digital Controls AZ39H12DAB 3900

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GE Zoneline  12000 BTU Heat Pump w/Digital Controls  AZ39H12DAB 3900

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12,000 BTU Heat Pump  Digital controls LED temperature display Easy temperature selection Tactile touch pads Two fan motors Improved quiet sound levels Higher efficiency Electronic temperature limiting Helps reduce operating costs Optional corrosion treatment Reduces the effects of coastal environments.

Freeze Sentinel™ Protects unoccupied rooms from damage by freezing temperatures Heat Sentinel Reduces excessive temperatures in unoccupied room GE-exclusive Superseal Increased room comfort Energy savings Upfront filters.

Ease of cleaning Long-lasting nylon mesh Central desk control compatibility Remote thermostat capability Smartfan Fan cycle operation based on heat/cool selection Additional Features Reverse cycle heating Energy savings over electric resistance heat Significantly lower operating costs Heat pump operation down to 25°F outdoor temperature.

Three-stage thermostat for quicker heat recovery Optional factory-installed internal condensate removal (ICR) Minimizes need for drain systems.

Heat pump and resistance heat can operate together Better room comfort Helps reduce operating costs over all standard heat pump systems Reverse cycle defrost Extends heat pump operation May help lower operating costs.

Electric resistance heat lockout Lowers operating costs by restricting electric heat operation when outdoor temperature is above 46 °F.

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