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Bittel Hotel Phone UNO Media

Bittel Hotel Phone UNO Media

SKU: 147862
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Description :

  • Bittel's UNO Media hotel phone also integrates high fidelity digital audio speaker with audio dock for iPod/ iPhone optional. This features enable the guests to enjoy their favourite musics of their iPod, iPhone, MP3 etc, in a Hi-Fi speaker. UNO Media can also be used to charge these electronic devices. Hotels can also save their budget by eliminating the needs to purchase a separate audio speaker.
  • Bittel's UNO Media hotel phone also integrates high-fidelity digital FM radio with easy operation and practical function. The guests can search for their favourite radio channels and can also save the hoteliers' budget by eliminating the needs to purchase a separate radio.
  • Magnetic technology is used for hook switch, which is the best solution for waterproof. No need to replace the hook again. The No-Hookswith design also makes the telephone look more artistic and much easier to clean.
  • Bittel new flagship product UNO Media integrates full featured alarm clock. The guests can set the alarm by themselves. The alarm can wake up the guests instead of the guest room service staff disturbing the guests. The alarm also has snooze function to enable the guest to sleep for a little bit longer. This feature eliminates the hotels needs to purchase another alarm clock and working load of the guest room service staff.
  • The last dialed number disappeared after 5 minutes, it’s a good way to protect the privacy for guests.
  • Busy tone disconnected automatically based on detecting 9 times. The guest won’t worry to lose any call, even sometime the handset is not put back well.
  • “MWL with message retrieval function”: Traditional voice mail service is very troublesome. Guest doesn’t know how to use when MWL flashes. While our new MWL adopts patented technology of “light and key in one”, guest touches and retrieves message when the red MWL flashes, very convenient, simple and quick.
  • The traditional programming way by hand is boring and costly, by Bittel patent One Touch Call Clone device, all the room telephones can be programmed by Clone. With 100% accuracy and saving much work, the One Touch Call Clone increases efficiency greatly.
  • Put the paper faceplate with hotel logo, phone instructions and icons of the guest service keys printed on it under the transparent plastic or acrylic panel. The unique slide-in design enables the the hotels to change the faceplate whatever and whenever they want and solves the yellowing and withering problems of the paper faceplate. The hotels can also change their logos if they wish to.

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