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Bittel Hotel Phone 48 Series

Bittel Hotel Phone 48 Series

SKU: 148038
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Description :

  • Magnetic technology is used for hook switch, which is the best solution for waterproof. No need to replace the hook again. The No-Hookswith design also makes the telephone look more artistic and much easier to clean
  • The large faceplate isn’t large enough for more information. This second plate makes up for this. It posts the kind remind to guests, as well as saves the space of the table in room.
  • The tray has changed the traditional way of putting the coiled cord. We find a home for it. The unique cord tray makes the phone set tidy and prolong the use life of cord.
  • You can make/answer a call by handset. In general, guestroom phone is dialed only through base unit, while the newest guestroom phone can be dialed either through base unit or through handset. Both base unit and handset has keypads, handset keypad is membrane, backlit and very convenient. It is the marking feature of the third generation hotel phone. Guest may make/answer call by the handset lying in bed like using cordless phone, unnecessary to put the handset back
  • The last dialed number disappeared after 5 minutes, it’s a good way to protect the privacy for guests.
  • Busy tone disconnected automatically based on detecting 9 times. The guest won’t worry to lose any call, even sometime the handset is not put back well.
  • The traditional programming way by hand is boring and costly, by Bittel patent One Touch Call Clone device, all the room telephones can be programmed by Clone. With 100% accuracy and saving much work, the One Touch Call Clone increases efficiency greatly.

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