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Bittel Hotel Phone 32 Series

Bittel Hotel Phone 32 Series

SKU: 148074
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Description :

?  SmartTray™, keep the cord in right place tidily and easy to clean                                                 
     ?  Support 10/5/3/0 Guest Service keys™
     ?  Message Waiting Light and Ringer Indicator
     ?  PrivacyGuard™, Last dialed number disappearing after a definite time
     ?  Faceplate Plus™, full length faceplate and placard faceplate optional
     ?  Flexible Data Port
     ?  Indicators for Hold and SPKR
     ?  Hold, Flash and Redial
     ?  Ringer Volume HI/LOW adjustable
     ?  Handset with HAC
     ?  SPKR and Handset volume three-step adjustable
     ?  Desk and Wall Mountable


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