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  • Recycled Plastic Towel Station

    SKU: 10218

    Description :

    Features :- 26 Gal. Brown Model. 26 Gal. Brown with Black Inserts Model. Versatile Settings : Ideal for fitness areas, spas and locker rooms. Durable : Made of recycled plastic. Indoor or outdoor use. Environmental : Environmentally safe and easy to clean. Hinged Door : Stack up to 12 towels on top. Includes rigid liner and hinged door. Sign : Station is easily identified with permanent “TOWELS ONLY” printed sign. Transportable : Easy to move glides. Easy : Maintenance free. USA : Made in the United States. Specifications :- Dimensions : 20″ L X 20″ W X 40″ H Weight : 76 lbs. Warranty : 50 Year Manufacturing and 5 Year Material Warranty NXT-19201926-06 (26 Gal. Brown) NXT-19201926-02-06 (26 Gal. Brown with Black Inserts)

  • Physician S Scale

    SKU: 10219

    Description :

    Features :- Weight Beam Type : World-renowned USA-made eye-level mechanical weigh beam physician scales. Large Platfrom : Heavy-duty solid stable 10.5 x 14.5 inch platform. Read from Either Side : Dual-reading die-cast weightbeam which may be read from either side of the scale. Durable : Long-lasting, durable steel construction with an electrostatic powder paint finish for optimum quality. Optional : Capacity may be increased by using an optional counterweight. Height : Scale is 59 inch (150 cm) high. Graduations : Height rod, wheels and handpost features available auxiliary graduations from 76 to 60 cm with 1/4 in and 1 mm increments. USA : Made in the United States. Specifications :- Dimensions : 14.5″ L X 10.5″ W X 59″ H Weight : 35 lbs. User Weight : Up to 400 lbs. CAR-437S (Stainless Steel) CAR-437 (White)

  • Sanitation Station

    SKU: 10220

    Description :

    Features :- Versatile : Stainless steel sanitation station is perfect for any gym. Easy to Replace : The easy-to-use bucket is completely hidden and is easily refilled or replaced by removing the top. Sturdy : The sturdy and secure stand holds the bucket securely. Smudge Resistant : New smudge-resistant glazed finish to help eliminate fingerprints and keeps the unit looking clean and fresh in high traffic facilities. Refills : EPA registered disinfectant wipes are alcohol free and designed to sanitize surfaces (sold separately). Specifications :- Dimensions : 36″ Height x 12″ Diameter Sanitation Station : 2XL-2XL-65 Disinfectant Wipes : 2XL-2XL-100 700 Count Disinfectant Wipe Refills : 2XL-2XL-101

  • Water Cooler

    SKU: 10221

    Description :

    Features :- Temperatures : Available room temp/cold or hot/cold. Flow : Proprietary high flow water faucets. Reservoir : Stainless steel water reservoir(s). Cold : Adjustable cold water temperature. Power Switch : Power switch for hot water. Safe : Hot water safety faucet. Cabinet : HDPE cabinet with tapered design. Optional attachment : Stainless steel cup dispenser. Bottled : Uses standard 5 gallon bottles, includes no-spill system. Bottleless : Includes 1 year filtration system built-in. USA : Made in the United States. Specifications :- Dimensions : 58.25″ Height x 12 5/16″ Diameter Weight : 40 lbs. Electrical : 110 Volts : 6” Cord Colors : White/black, silver/black, charcoal/black.

  • Personal Core Fitness Kit

    SKU: 10222

    Description :

    Features :- Core Workout : Blast Your Core with the Personal Core Fitness Kit! Includes All 5 Products Listed : (3) Medicine Balls With Handles. Includes : (1) Ball Rack. Includes : SPR-FIT-KIT-Bundle • (1) Stability Ball (65 cm) : SPR-SXBE65R. Includes : (1) Large Stability Ball Holder : SPR-RPAP. Includes : (1) Stability Ball Pump (not shown) : SPR-RBS. Specifications :- Dimensions of Rack : 17″ L x 29″ W  

  • Medicine Ball Set and Rack

    SKU: 10223

    Description :

    Features :- Black Finish : The 5 Ball Rack is a solid steel rack, with a durable black finish, designed to hold a mixture of Medicine Balls. Space Saving : Great for areas where room is limited. Versatile : The medicine ball is a simple, yet effective solution for your total body conditioning needs that offers the ultimate in versatility. Full Body : From upper and lower body strengthening and toning to core and lower back conditioning. 5 Balls : Set comes with 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 lb. balls. Rubber : High rubber content provides a better bounce. Add air to increase the bounce and add variety to your workout. Durable : Thick walls increase durability & extend the life of this ball. Easy Grip : Textured surface for better and more comfortable grip. Easy Read : Bold color and easy to read weight stamp. Specifications :- Dimensions of Rack : 12″ L x 12″ W x 48″ H

  • Handled Medicine Ball Set and Rack

    SKU: 10224

    Description :

    Features :- Core Workout : Blast Your Core with the Personal Core Fitness Kit! Kit Includes All 4 Products : Rack and 6, 8 and 10 lb. balls. Powder Coated : Powder-coated steel, fully welded, ships assembled. Holds : Rack is designed to hold 3 of any size xerballs, rope xerballs & dual grip xerballs. Versatile Training : Dual-handle, easy-grip medicine balls provide plenty of med ball training options. Perform : They are the perfect choice for performing rotational abdominal exercises, upper extremity cross-body patterns, lower body dynamic and locomotor drills, and explosive two-handle sport movement activities. Specifications :- Rack Dimensions : 16.5” L x 10.5” W x 39” H

  • Stability Xercise Ball

    SKU: 10225

    Description :

    Features :- Ideal Stability Ball : Ideal for light institutional and home use. This versatile, high grade ball is the perfect ball for individual use. Slow Deflate : Slow deflate up to 300 lbs. Makes it appropriate for body resistance strength and flexibility activities. Includes Stability Ball Base : No more roll-away balls! Here’s the most practical ball stop ever! Just put the ball onto the hard plastic disc, push down on it, and you’ve created enough suction to hold each ball firmly in place. Perfect for 45-65cm balls (not shown) : SPR-RBS. Includes Ball Bump and Needle : Single-action, 9-inch hand pump with 4-cm inflation needle (not shown) : SPR-RPAP.

  • Bosu Ball Balance Trainer

    SKU: 10226

    Description :

    Features :- Core Workout : The ultimate in balance, core stabilization, and body awareness training. Versatile : This versatile functional exercise-training device with its unique half-circle inflatable ball provides multiple applications for standing, sitting, and supported body weight conditioning activities. Flip Over : May be used with the bubble side up or the platform side up if more of a challenge is desired. Includes Pump and Guide : Inflation pump and user guide included. Specifications :- Dimensions : The platform is 12” tall with a diameter of 25” when fully inflated

  • Exercise Equipment Mat

    SKU: 10227

    Description :

    Features :- Stops Movement : Put a fitness mat under your treadmill, stepper, or other fitness apparatus and stop equipment movement. Preserves Flooring : Helps preserve the life of your floor. Shock Absorbing : Thick, heavy duty mat is shock absorbing, with a non-skid surface that is an attractive black and low maintenance. Specifications :- Dimensions : 2′ L x 7′ W x 2″ Thick

  • Yoga-Pilates Mat

    SKU: 10228

    Description :

    Features :- Durable Foam Exercise Mat : This mat is the ideal base for successful body and mind exercises. Soft, Yet Durable : Reliable stability that permits sequences of movements and offers a new feeling of luxury. Stores Easy : Rolls up for easy storage. Cleans Easy : Quick and easy to clean. Colors : Available in black or purple. Specifications :- Dimensions : 23″ L x 74″ W x .03″ Thick

  • Bi-fold Exercise Mat

    SKU: 10229

    Description :

    Features :- Thick Heavy Duty Vinyl Exercise Mat : The folding mat gives you the comfortable support you need. Limitless applications yield incredible value. Soft, Yet Durable : Extra soft cushioning of the folding mat makes it easy to perform a wide variety of exercises. Stores Easy : Folds for easy storage. Cleans Easy : Quick and easy to clean. Specifications :- Dimensions : 2′ L x 6′ W x 2″ Thick

  • Square Eco Spa Floor Tiles

    SKU: 10230

    Description :

    Features :- Visually Pleasing : Spa tiles offer visual excitement to any fitness facility or club interior. Hide Cables : By featuring a pedestal underside, these tiles help prevent cable clutter by routing fitness equipment wiring beneath the surface. Modular : The modular 2’ x 2’ x 1” tiles can be placed over your existing floor, saving time and money. No Glue Needed : No traditional glue down. Durable : The 1” thick footed tiles are engineered to provide the ultimate in durability. Noise Suppression : Suppresses the noise and shock absorption. Pound Resistant : Spa tiles can withstand the constant dropping of weights and pounding of equipment. USA : Made in the United States. Specifications :- Dimensions : 2′ L x 2′ H x 1″ Thick 4 color choices : Mixed Brown 20% ECO-EL-36, Blue 20% ECO-EL-45, Grey 20% : ECO-EL-46, Red 20% ECO-EL-47 2′ Square Spa Tiles : ECO-EL-SPA-36 45, 46 and 47

  • 23? Square Eco Interlocking Floor Tiles

    SKU: 10231

    Description :

    Features :- For High Traffic Areas : Eco interlocking tiles are a resilient interlocking system that is engineered to protect floors in high use areas, such as corporate gyms and small fitness centers. Interlocking : Eco interlocking tiles are a resilient interlocking system that is engineered to protect floors in high use areas, such as corporate gyms and small fitness centers. Durable : Sound and shock absorbent, extremely durable and modular. No Glue Needed : No adhesive is required. Easy Install : Easy to install : do it yourself. Fits Tight : Tight fitting, precision cut puzzle edges. Simply lock together. Ideal choice for smaller fitness applications. USA : Made in the United States. Specifications :- Dimensions : 23″ L x 23″ H x 5/16″ Thick 23″ Square Interlock Tiles : ECO-EL-ECO-00 Thru ECO-EL-ECO-02

  • 8MM Rubber Flooring Rolls

    SKU: 10232

    Description :

    Features :- For High Traffic Areas : Ideal for high performance areas. Thick : 8” wide x 8mm thickness. Heavy-duty : Can withstand rolling loads. Durable, fade resistant/wears well. Quiet : Sound and shock absorbent. Install Yourself : Easy installation. Cleans Easy : Vacuum or broom and damp mop. Safe : Slip resistant wet or dry. USA : Made in the United States. Specifications :- Dimensions : 4′ W x 25’ : 45’ L x 8mm Thick Warranty :- 3 Years E Grip III Adhesive ECO-EGRIP-ADHESIVE-2 ECO-EGRIP-ADHESIVE-4 2 or 4 gallon containers, zero VOC, low odor

  • Wood-look Flooring Rolls

    SKU: 10233

    Description :

    Features :- Looks Real : Multi-purpose flooring looks like real wood. Thick : Available in 6 foot-wide rolls with a 2 millimeter (mm) wear-layer and a 5mm backing. Hygienic : Because of heat-welded installation. Low Maintenance : Due to protective wear layer. Quiet underfoot with sound and shock absorbent. Paintable : Can paint lines on surface. Durable : Fade resistant/wears well. Cleans Easy : Vacuum or broom and damp mop. USA : Made in the United States. Specifications :- Dimensions : 6′ W x 25’ : 45’ L x 1/2″ Thick Warranty :- 10 Years E Grip III Adhesive ECO-EGRIP-ADHESIVE-2 ECO-EGRIP-ADHESIVE-4 2 or 4 gallon containers, zero VOC, low odor

  • Olympic Rubber Plate Tree Kit

    SKU: 10234

    Description :

    Features :- Kit includes all 10 products : Olympic Plate Tree : YOR-69139. Six weight storage pegs capable of storing plates from 2.5 lbs through 45 lbs plate, storage area is provided on base for two Olympic bars. Includes : Curl Bar with Rubber Grips : YOR-32030. Includes : Bi-tri-trap Bar with Rubber Grips : YOR-32031. Includes : (2) Spring Clip Collars : YOR-36040. Includes : (2) ISO Grip 2.5 lb. Rubber Grip Plates : YOR-29020. Includes : (2) ISO Grip 5 lb. Rubber Grip Plates : YOR-29021. Includes : (2) ISO Grip 10 lb. Rubber Grip Plates : YOR-29022. Includes : (2) ISO Grip 25 lb. Rubber Grip Plates : YOR-29023. Includes : (2) ISO Grip 35 lb. Rubber Grip Plates : YOR-29024. Includes : (2) ISO Grip 45 lb. Rubber Grip Plates : YOR-29025. Specifications :- Dimensions : 23” L x 22” W x 42.5” H

  • Cast Iron Kettlebells

    SKU: 10235

    Description :

    Features :- All Levels : Newly designed Hercules® Kettlebells will appeal to experts and beginners alike. Handle : The product sports a rugged mat black finish, and has a uniquely positioned handle for a smooth, ergonomic motion. Specifications :- Available In 13 Sizes : 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70 or 80 lbs.

  • Suspension Training, Jungle Gym XT

    SKU: 10237

    Description :

    Features :- Versatile : The most versatile, durable, and economical suspension system out there. Commercial Use : Built for punishing commercial use, the Jungle Gym XT is very different from traditional suspension bodyweight systems on the market today. Split Design : Features a ‘split design’, which allows users to quickly and easily adjust the forces on the body by changing the width of the system. All Angles : From “V-shaped” suspension (found on traditional suspension systems), to neutral suspension (found in Olympic rings) and now wide-angle suspension. Hands Free Use : Easy-In Foot Cradle™ for hands free use, comfortable inline adjustment buckles, integrated cinch loop and non-scuff door attachments with Duro-Link™. Handles : Ergonomic handles that are easy to wipe clean. Poster and DVD : Workout poster and a 90 minute DVD with bonus workouts. Xtenders : If you need to reach higher anchor points, add 8 feet to each side of your Jungle Gym XT to reach up to 16 feet with our Jungle Gym XT Strap Xtenders! Specifications :- Includes All 8 Items : (2) industrial suspension straps (8 feet each) Includes : (2) integrated easy-wipe handles and easy-in foot cradles Includes : (2) comfortable inline adjustment buckles Includes : (2) non-scuff door anchors Includes : (2) strap end adjustors Includes : (1) Duro-LinkTM Includes : (1) instructional DVD with brochure Includes : (1) large, full color workout wall chart

  • Suspension Training, Cable System TNT

    SKU: 10236

    Description :

    Features :- Better Exercise : The Cable System is proven to be better than weights for developing size, strength and power, according to Kevin Pasquay, Performance Director at the Sports Science Center. Upper Body : Work your arms and shoulders with uppercuts, bicep curls and frontal raises. Lower Body : Then, build your lower body strength with lunges and squat presses. Door Anchor : Our door anchor and belt (belt sold separately) can expand your fitness routine with lunges, hamstring extensions, ab exercises, resistance running and more. Modifiable : Need to modify the intensity of your workouts? You can easily vary the number of cables used-or switch them out with a new set. DVD : Now, get the new TNT DVD included for FREE when you buy a TNT System! The 90 minute DVD takes you through a comprehensive series of full-body functional movements and training progressions.   Specifications :- Includes 4 Products : (3) 5 ft. cables (40 lbs. peak resistance each) Includes : (2) 3-in-1 ergonomically designed triple grip handles Includes : (1) heavy-duty door anchor Includes : (1) instructional DVD with brochure by fitness expert, Jon Hinds  

  • X Extra Heavy Weighted Speed Rope

    SKU: 10238

    Description :

    Features :- Durable : If you’re looking for a powerful and effective cardio workout, the weighted speed rope is for you. Heavy : The extra heavy speed rope is a maximum safe weight of 1.25 lbs. (black) is all in the rope : not in the handles, making your workout comfortable and smooth. Engineered : Professionally engineered, the weighted speed rope features our new high-tech, ball bearing handles for smooth rotation, and two sliding rope adjustors make any rope length adjustment quick and easy. Recommended : It’s used and recommended by recognized fitness experts and was developed by jump rope expert Bobby Hinds, the “Jump Rope King”. Book : Take your fitness to new heights with the comprehensive jump rope book. Specifications :- Includes All 3 : (1) 10 ft. extra-heavy weighted speed rope Includes : (2) high-tech, ball bearing handles Includes : (1) Your Guide to Jump Rope Fitness workout book by Bobby Hinds

  • Fitness In A Bag

    SKU: 10239

    Description :

    Features :- Complete Travel Kit : The complete mini fitness kit now in a bag for easy travel includes all 4 of these items.   Specifications :- Mini 3 lb. Contour Weights : 6” dumbbell style weights. Soft, flexible neoprene covered. Secure, stretch strap over hands Yoga Mat : 72”L x 23”W. Lightweight mat, non-slide, closed-cell surface. Aqua color Suspension Training Cable System TNT : Three 5’ cables, two 3-in-1 ergonomically designed triple grip handles and one heavy duty door anchor. DVD/brochure by fitness expert, Jon Hinds Duffle Carry Bag : Durable 27”L x 14”W zipper closure bag. Fits all products shown here. Outside pouch for keys

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