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    Description :

    ACORN LED RETRO FIT ACRN-LRET Designed to Retrofit HID ACORN Luminaires for Campuses, Parks and Retail Applications. ACRN-LRET Can be mounted below the HID reflector to provide full cutoff -10 Year / 100, 000hrs Limited warranty Construction: -Aluminum 6063 for best thermal dissipation -3 mil Powder Coating (White) Cat # Wattage DISTRIBUTION Color Temp. Voltage Color Options ACRN-LRET 20W (20CLED) Type 3 (T3) 3000K (30K) 120-277V (MV) White Wattage Adjuster (WA)   40W (40CLED) Type 5 (T5) 4000K (40K) 480V (HV) (WH)     60W (60CLED)   5000K (50K)         80W (80CLED)             Dimensions       Cat# A B C ACRN-LRET 18” 5/8 6” 7/8     Cat # Input Lumen LPW Color Temp. CRI Rated Imput HID HID   Power Output   (CCT)   Life (L70) Voltage Equivalent Equivalent ACRN-LRET-20CLED 25W 3,650 182 5000K 70+ >200,000 120-277V 50/60HZ 70W MH ACRN-LRET-40CLED 45W 6,492 162 5000K 70+ >200,000 120-277V 50/60HZ 100W HPS ACRN-LRET-60CLED 65W 8,539 142 5000K 70+ >200,000 120-277V 50/60HZ 100W PSMH ACRN-LRET-80CLED 85W 10,841 135 5000K 70+ >200,000 120-277V 50/60HZ 150W HPS      

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