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CleanRest Classic

CleanRest Classic

SKU: 18661
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Description :

CleanRest provides the waterproof protection from spilled food, drinks, sweat, blood, urine and other bodily fluids without the annoying crinkling noises and heat associated with vinyl protectors.

CleanRest also prevents allergy-inducing dust and dust mites from migrating from the mattress, so your guests will have added peace of mind.

Classic white material is virtually invisible and undetectable under most sheets - Even if you currently use quilted pads, CleanRest can add an EXTRA level of protection when used between a quilted pad and the mattress.

CleanRest is a revolutionary extended-wear disposable system. cleanrest protectors can be used, washed and reused - up to 10 times! And when it is replacement time, CleanRest Mattress Protectors are much more economical than traditional cotton or vinyl protectors.

CleanRest Pillow Protectors are also available.

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